7 Favourite Bands

Here is a list of some of my favouritest ever bands, at the moment that is.

1)    Icona Pop - They have just released their Iconic EP, which I have been listening to via YouTube.  I really love their style and its something a bit different to what I normally listen to.  I really want the EP of theirs too.

2)    Passenger - Listening to the chart show on Radio 1, was when I first discovered his new single Let Her Go and I loved it. I really love everything he has produced, and am even learning one song on the guitar.

3)   Pitch Perfect - I watched this film a few days ago and fell in love straight away.  All the songs are really brilliant mixes of songs and all acapella which I have never really thought about.  I would recommend this film to absolutely anyone, because I liked it sooo much.

4)    Scouting for Girls - I completely love this band and now own all their albums, including their new one which I really like. I listen to them all the time and they make such happy, fun music, I can't now listen to them.  Their new album is called The Light Between Us and just has some amazing songs on.

5)    Of Monsters and Men - My all time favourite band is Of Monsters And Men, I have gone to see them at UEA and loved, they were absolutely perfect and after I got tickets posters momentos!  I own their secong album, My Head Is An Animal, and really want their first, but it is only out in Iceland, which is really annoying.

6)    Amy Macdonald - I've got all three of her albums, and have learnt like three of her songs on guitar. She is one of my favourites, and I just like the simplicity of just being able to hear all of the instruments in the band.

7)    Aer - I found this band on YouTube and it is just two guys, one who plays guitar and I just really like their stuff. It is different from what I normally like, but I just really like it. My favourite of their songs is Float My Boat.

What are your favourite bands at the moment?