7 December 2013

What is a Blog?

This is the beginning of my blogging topic on my blog, so rather than rushing into something too technical, I thought I'd start at the beginning. You may already have a blog or be wanting to start one, but do you really know what a blog actually is?

A blog is basically a way of writing a journal on the internet, so each new journal entry occurs above any previous entries. This is what differentiates it from a normal website. The word blog is a shortened version of the proper name weblog, which was invented by the combination of the words website and log.

Blogs are now used by many different varieties of people and organisations. They can be used to simply show day to day accounts of someones life, to keep customers of small businesses engaged in the business and to give updates of changes in larger organisations. They are also used to give tutorials or useful information and instructions to people on how to do an array of things.

I am going do more blogging posts in the near future to explain how I created my own blog and some of the helpful bloggers I have found that made my blog what it is today. Including step-by-steps, links, how to's and why you would want to do half this stuff.

Did you know about the origins of blogging? Have you started a blog?