Favourite Pins | Guest Post

I did a post over on Emma's blog, which she has now posted.  I really like Emma's blog so you should definitely check it out here.  It's all about my favourite pins I've pinned on Pinterest recently, because I always find loads of great ones and wanted to share a few with you guys.  And you can follow me on Pinterest here too.  Hope you enjoy.

Here's the start...

Hello, I’m Hannah, an aspiring designer, among other things, from Not Very Obsessed, yet another corner to the internet.  You can check out my blog here.  So today Emma asked me to do a post for her blog, and here it is.  Emma also runs a brilliant blog which you should favourite.  I am doing something I haven’t done yet, but in a moment of inspiration thought would be good idea: a favourite pins post.

To read the rest visit Emma's blog post here.