Vibrant + Ice Cream + Pastels Moodboards

Today I just wanted to share with you this mood board that I had created. I have always wanted to be able to create really nice mood boards using a free web programme and make ones to look just like some of the ones I see on the internet.

The other day I found some amazingly cute and delicious looking ice creams images and I just had to make a mood board with them because I was so in love.

The sun is beginning to peek out from behind storm clouds in England at the moment and so the season for ice creams being dropped out of little childrens' hands and kids screaming ice cream and the brilliant array of created by the sun and the ice cream is very close. I just thought I'd help the weather out a little and give it some encouragement with this little arrangement of fabulous ice cream images. Despite trying, I think that this little push I'm giving the weather might not be enough for England because the amount of rain there has been from May into June has made me already give up.

I really love some of these images and think that the pink, yellow and green combination works really well so I'm pleased with the outcome. I love these stylised images with a bright coloured but plain background with something in front at the moment.

crushed | scoup | tubs | parlour | pile | cones | dropped | two | assorted
room | lips | balloon | care | cactus | girl | hand

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To make this I used images from Pinterest and a programme called PicMonkey
have a specific pinboard on Pinterest for them - Photography Styling