When My Desk Was a Construction Site

Today I had a specially messy desk and thought you would like to see what I regularly have living there.  My work space is just that the place I can always work and has all the things on it that would be useful for any circumstances.

My desk looks like this at the moment, because I am in the process of making jewellery and sewing and looking through my button collection, so it is a bit of a construction site at the moment.

Some of the  items that live on my desk, I have labeled here - 

1.  Laptop - this is something that everyone should own if they want to do anything on a computer, specifically because it is portable.

2.  Sewing kit - this is my travel sewing kit that has all the little things you might need in.  I got it as a present from Cath Kidston, which is one of my favourite shops, but I hardly ever go there.

3.  Pencil case - in here I keep my USB sticks, all my pens and pencils, scissors, a rubber and ruler and a pencil sharpener.  The actual pencil case I made using some Cath Kidston fabric I had, which was quite difficult, but I liked the finished product.  I need to do a tutorial for this too!

4.  Sewing box - this stays at home and has thread, needles, buttons and everything else you need in it too.

5.  Button collection - I have a lot of buttons I have to admit and I am in love with them all, but I do need to actually get into the habit of using them and not just storing them.
6.  Mobile - this has all the essential apps on it and is obviously my way of contacting everyone.

7.  Paper and pen - this is essential for everyone and I don't ever not have some pen and paper with me all the time, because you just never know when you might want to jot something down that you might forget.

8.  Jewellery pliers - One a the most helpful things I have recently bought, because I have been buying bits to make jewellery and couldn't make the jewellery without them, I am now using them a lot of the time.

9.  Some creations - Here is some felt hair slides and brooches and some gift tags that I put on them that I have made.  I am hoping to do a 'how to' for these, I just need to remember my camera when I'm making them.

10.  Trusty cuppa - I love my cups of tea: they always relieve me of headaches and stress and warm me up when I get really cold.