29 January 2014

Brand Focus + Two FREE Worksheets

Please excuse the pun, but it was quite appropriate and I just really love these glasses. Anyway, we are focusing on brand today.

I think that one of the most important things a business or blog should have is a brand; its essential. Without a brand, something you do could be recognized as someone else's or as just not being connected to you, which is not good either way. I have been learning about the importance of having a brand from around the internet and I find it all very interesting.

For example, if say a big company like Apple didn't have the brand it does, would you still really want that iPhone or Macbook. You can probably get something that is a lot cheaper, but does lots of similar things to what Apple products are capable of from somewhere else, so do you need to go to Apple. I find this concept really fascinating.

I devised these worksheets to help you try and discover what brand your business or blog should have and how you should represent it. One of the most important stages on the sheets is to do with creating a brand statement. This is the few words you will have to use to do anything on your blog from now on, so they need to be chosen carefully. I took a long time to work out what my brand should be and what I want to represent.

The two worksheets below are image files, so that you can edit them on your computer yourself or print them out for scribbling on if you want to...

Did you find these worksheets helpful in developing your brand?