28 February 2014

Blog Design Tips

Today I wanted to focus on blog design and what you need to remember when designing your blog, because I remember going through a lot of phases where I didn't really know what my blog should be like.

A definite that I have learnt is that no matter what it needs to be simple. However you want to interpret simple doesn't matter, as long as it is. It is also really important to have lots of white space and make sure that your design stands out from everyone else designs too.

Another thing I have talked about before is including your brand or a theme into your design, so that whatever you make / sell / design / is yours, will be recognizable to someone looking at your blog. This means that your have to be really unique and offer a new take on what you are trying to do.

Make sure that whatever you do, you make sure you are checking the 'above the fold' constantly as well when you are designing your blog (above the fold = before you start scrolling, what can you see - definition).

My one last piece of advice would be to understand which bits of information on your blog are the most important / significant and therefore that they need to be highlighted and stand out more than others bits of information.

For example, on my blog, I have put my search bar and topic list high up on my side bar so that they can be seen easily and no one misses them.

Other than that, I hope these tips were of some help in improving your blog design.

Do you have any blog design tips to share?