19 February 2014

February 2014: Bastille, Geometric + Fonts

Today, I thought I would share some of my general favourites at the moment which is like a summary of what I am loving.

Blog post - This post by Allyssa Barnes is one of my favourites, because I really like the idea of studying a character in lots of different fonts. I'm also just in love with the ampersand and really like the way it changes with different fonts.

Listen - Bastille are like my absolute favourite band at the moment; I have the deluxe version of Bad Blood and I got to see them live in October, which was probably the best gig I have ever seen. They are also generally on repeat on my phone.

Quote - "What's stopping you?" is my favourite quote at the moment; I think it is very true, because if there's nothing stopping you from doing something that you really want to do, then why aren't you doing it. I have decided to think of this quote when I get any opportunity to do something, because why shouldn't I do it.

Design - I really like this geometric font I found and I'm really liking lots of different geometric fonts I have found. I like the way they can be shaped really simply but uniquely to  look amazing.

Wear - I really love baggy tops, no matter what colour or pattern, if its really baggy I will probably love it. I really like to tuck baggy tops into tight jeans as well or wear them underneath shirts, because I just really think it works.

Obsession - I am really loving records, vinyl and record covers and I recently got given a record player, so I thought these little vinyl earrings would be a great idea to go with my obsession of vinyl.

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I have found a lot of really nice handwritten and scribbled fonts recently and I thought that I could share them with you today. I really like the way these fonts can be applied to the way you design and what the final design looks like and make something that looks brilliant.

I think that designing something with a sans serif or serif font and a scribbled font as well really works and is effective, because it's simple, but quirky and not boring. Above are some of my favourite messy fonts, that I found on Pinterest; I have a whole board of interesting fonts on there too.

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I love these fonts which I found on Pinterest the other day. I like the fact the words make the font look even better and develop it more.

Like in the fourth picture, which says around, I love the fact the designer has used the word to create a pattern and design and adapted the meaning of the word to help with that too. I love the quote on the first picture, I think its a really funny and quirky message which we should all listen to because even though we may seem weird or different to someone else, its simply because everyone is different and unique.

The font on the second picture I wish I owned because I love the fact its a very plain normal font but because the sizing and straightness of the letters has been changed it looks different and interesting.

You could check out more of my favourite fonts or quotes on Pinterest if you want.

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Today's post is all about rounded fonts. I found some brilliant examples of them, which I've put in this image, from Pinterest.

I think they are so diverse because they will work in pretty much any situation. Also, they look really simple and beautiful, but are actually all very unique and have their own little quirks and perks, which makes them all really special.

I love the way, in the picture of the numbers above, the rounded font has enabled all of the numbers to slot into place with each other smoothly like a jigsaw. I think that it has a great effect, because there is the seamless positioning of the numbers together that all fit and definitely don't look perfect but still look brilliant.

Another of my favourites on here is the image which says "black robot", because it is a different style of rounded font with the letters like blobs on the page and they are almost cut out of the black shape, which brings in another factor that changes the effect it has. I think it really clever that the letter have all been filled in so the O for example, doesn't have a gap in the middle, but is filled in completely.

I hope you love all of these different fonts as much as me and I'd love to see rounded fonts incorporated in more design work as well. And be sure to check out my Fonts board on Pinterest for more...

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