30 April 2014

April 2014: Cafes of Coffee + Positive Quotes

I wasn't really sure what to share for this FAVOURITES post today, so I was looking through my Pinterest and realised how many pictures to do with cafes and coffee I cam across, so I thought I talk about them. I am in love with these pictures, I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to pictures just like these, Beautiful.

At the moment I am really liking photos that are taken straight from above, which is why I like a lot of these pictures. I also just really like the idea of a perfect scene with a cup of coffee (or tea), sitting thinking about stuff and just relaxing: I really like that thought. So that is why I decided to share these with you.

Do you have any favourite pins you want to share?

stationary | hexagonal | in bed | pancakes | bench | workspace | delicate tray | kitchen table

These three quotes are my favourite quotes at the moment, because they really inspire positivity, which I think is really important. You should always have a positive vibe about you and to do this your best bet would be to hang around positive people and surround yourselves with a positive environment.

I haven't been doing this recently and it has really affected my mood and how I feel, so I would definitely advise you to be positive. I also really like the squiggly fonts that were used to make these pictures and I think they are really pretty.

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