Social Media Shoutout

Today I thought I would just do a bit of a social media shout out and tell you all about where I am on the inter web. To start with is obviously here, on my blog; I try to post at least once a week to make sure that I have loads of content going out that is planned ( mostly ) and well thought through. This means that I don't ever desert my readers and leave them hanging for like a month just so they can leave and not come back.

My first social media site is Pinterest, which is my favouritest ever site ever, but I have linked my blog to this site to gain followers and pin regularly to make sure people don't miss me ( I wrote a post about Pinterest here too ). Another point to make is I have just REACHED 400 FOLLOWERS ON PINTEREST this week, OMG, thank you so much everyone who has followed me, I really appreciate it!! :-)

Tumblr is my next favourite site, but to start with I didn't really get it or what I should do in terms of designing my site or what to post and eventually I got the hang of it and am now in love. I use Tumblr to post pictures that I really like and I 'heart' anything that I like which isn't a picture so that my Tumblr blog just has pictures on it, which I find makes my design work better.

And Twitter, I really like to use this site for keeping up to date with all my friends and favourite bands and celebrities, which I think is the best use of this site anyway. I haven't quite got the hang of actually 'tweeting' properly yet, but I find if I just speak my mind it works pretty well. So there you are a little round up of my social media sites and a little shout out too.