2 April 2014

How to Grab Opportunities With Open Arms

Opportunities is a key theme that has been appearing a lot in my life recently and I think it is a really interesting topic to address because being so young and a shy type of person make it much more difficult to take opportunities.

One main point I do want to make though is that you should JUST SAY YES to whatever opportunity that comes your way. If there is nothing that is there to stop you or no one standing in your way (well, you could just push them out of your way), then what on earth is stopping you.

Why do you say no? I mean I'll admit that you are allowed to say no sometimes, if it really isn't for you or your plate really is full. Then that's fine, but for almost all of the opportunities that come your way, you should just take them, go for it, jump through that open door.

Why I know that saying yes is such a good idea

This has been really important to me for many reasons over the past year. For instance, last summer, I decided to audition for my school talent show, singing and playing the guitar. I just thought to myself that if I don't audition and prove to myself that I have enough courage to actually do the audition or think it over too much and chicken out, I would regret it so much - it could haunt me forever.

So I went for it. I was nervous, the audition wasn't exactly perfect, but I tried. I got accepted into the show, although I was put into a group with other singers to do a song together, half of these people I didn't even like, but I didn't care. All this resulted in me making friends and having some great fun, so even though it didn't go perfectly. I went with it and came out of it better than I went in.

I think this is really important, because everyone should take opportunities and chances that are given to them as no one knows what might come of them.

So what are you going to do when faced with an opportunity? Say yes!

Take that opportunity, jump through that open door or clamber through it if you really have to, but just do it, because good things really do come if you take opportunities or do things you would ordinarily be too scared to do. There is the saying that 'When you die you will regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did in life'. I like this quote because even though you'll look back and lots of things will have gone wrong or been embarrassing, those aren't the ones that will stand out. The ones that will stand out are the opportunities you didn't take and the things you missed out on.

Your challenge

So the challenge for this life lesson is to take an opportunity you ordinarily wouldn't, regardless of how big or small it may seem. I mean, what's stopping you, why not. Or thinking like all the cool people seem to at the moment, YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Now, if you take on the challenge, tell me about it in the comments below.

What did you do? Did it go well or really badly (you could still have learnt something)?