28 May 2014

How to Apply Your Brand to Your Blog, Business + Social Media

So, applying your brand to your business, blog or freelance self and making it all feel like one, but not the same, is probably the hardest branding step (I am still trying to work out how I should be applying my own brand at the moment).

Before, I have talked about creating your brand exactly how you want in a Brand Focus post and I also gave away two free worksheets to help you in this process of developing your brand.

Moving on with the process, how exactly do we apply this fresh new brand?

Your brand, at the moment, should include a name, logo, slogan and a few colours and fonts. These all need to be incorporated into the way you showcase, advertise and design anything that needs to be recognized as yours or your blog / business'. This will mean that everything that should relate back to you does and very easily and visually.

Anyone should be able to recognise your work as yours. It needs to make everything you do recognizable and clear for any potential viewers, customers, clients, readers, etc. All the small details will make a difference, because they will be yours and completely unique to you.

An example of Apple

For example, Apple's logo only consists to the apple shape with a bite taken out of it, simple. Despite that, I'm sure most people would recognise that logo as soon as they saw it. Apple ustilise this by putting their logo on everything that's to do with them to remind people who see it that it is linked to Apple.

This is without even having to write their company name at the same time, all they need is the logo for everyone to be able to recognise it. This is really interesting and shows how Apple have managed to market themselves so well, that they are recognisable by their simple logo and everyone knows what the company sells and what its called. 

Just be you

"It is important that all aspects of your brand are strong, purposeful, and solid." - Branding Yourself Online - Holly Marie Designs. This will mean that you will remain consistent and always be you; your brand won't sway and morph with the trends or because of someone who just doesn't like what you do. You should be proud to say that you are part of your brand and that it is what you stand for.

Specific do-able tips and tricks

Some of the most important ways/ places to apply your brand would be on your social media networks, portfolio, website, business cards, blog and any graphics/ photographs that are yours. This will ensure hat everything flows together well and works in unison to help get your brand out there and noticed; to bring in customers, clients, potential partners and the average viewer and make your brand stand out.

  1. Every post graphic should have a similar font, colour, or include your name.
  2. Use the same social media picture on all your accounts.
  3. Always link back to your website.
  4. Put your brand colours in everything you do.
  5. Use a certain type of image (even if they are stock images).
  6. Create variations of your logo so it looks smart and simple when it doesn't need to stand out much.

How have you applied you brand to your blog, business and social media?