7 May 2014

8 Useful Habits of Successful Bloggers

There are a lot of little things that most bloggers probably would do sub consciously or wouldn't even consider when blogging, but all these little habits are really important and can mean that you are successful or aren't. I think that it is really important to consider all of these different ideas and incorporate them as much as possible into the running of your blog.

* Create HELPFUL posts, so the READER benefits

* Make content INTERESTING

* Add new LINKS and places to go outside of you blog, PROMOTING other small blogs / businesses

* Encourage comments or DISCUSSION on the posts

* Utilize SOCIAL media - ( Pinterest Tips post )

* Post frequently and REGULARLY

* Check ABOVE THE FOLD on your screen, when designing your website / blog ( above the fold definition )

* And DETAILS - little details, stories and background information in posts, little additions and details in graphics, little details in the design of your blog and little details that shine through to show your true personality...

What habits do you think it is important for bloggers to have?