Minimal + Dark Moodboards

This mood board that I created recently has a really minimalistic style and is all black + white which I really wanted to reflect in it. I am really liking minimalistic images at the moment and so thought making this mood board would be a great idea to collect some of my favourite images.

I love making mood boards and have so much fun creating them. I love collecting the images to do with a specific theme and then choosing the best ones and adding them all into one image that just looks beautiful.

You can also check out my Mood Boards Pinterest board for more examples of mood boards that I collected and for finding images for mood boards, I always use Pinterest, because it has such a huge selection of great images. Recently I made a post for Studio 404 on How To Make A Mood Board which you can out check out too, that I thoroughly enjoyed making and I hope showcases my mood board designing skills.

I'd found a collection of images on Pinterest all with dark colours on and thought they'd look great as a moodboard, so I came up with this.

I love making moodboards and I'm pleased with this finished one. I really like the mixture of lighter background pictures with darker background pictures as I think it really works.

If you want to know how I went about making this moodboard, you can check out my Moodboard Tutorial on Studio 404's blog. I hope you like this moodboard as much as I liked making it.

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