28 June 2014

Why You Should Disconnect From Technology + Reconnect to the World

These days everyone seems to rely on their smartphones, connecting them to the rest of the world 24/7, and all other bits of electrical technology that have become part of our normal lives.

Personally, I carry my phone around with me everywhere and do check it constantly to see whether I am being interacted with or to see if anything has happened. I need to stop doing this. So I am going to try and break my habit so I don't sound like too much of a hypocrit.

Despite this, I know that in this day and age many people need to be in contact with family or people from work or their clients, for whatever reason, but sometimes I think that it is important to just disconnect; to step away; leave all that behind. By doing this, I think that we would be able to appreciate everything just that little bit more, to see whats happening all around us and how important that is: how beautiful the world around us really is.

I want to be able to disconnect  and appreciate what is out there. I think that this would make everyone concentrate more, be more aware and open their eyes more to the world.

You could enjoy everything just the little bit more: outings with friends, sounds of birds and animals and people, people living their lives around you constantly, the sites you wouldn't normally have noticed. You could simply open your eyes to the world and live it, in the moment, right now.

Really, would anyone mind if you weren't there to see or do emails, tweets, texts, calls, pins, facebooks, instagrams, snapchats for a small amount of time so that you could live your life? I don't think they would.

We have become obsessed with thinking that if we aren't there, online, checking, connecting, communicating, that we will miss the unmissable and we won't survive if we do. Is anything online really going to be that unmissable? Probably not. If someone needs to talk, tell you something, update you, have fun, share, why should they meet up, do something in real life in this absolutely beautiful and unique world in which we live.

Your challenge:

So, I propose a challenge... disconnect. For however long you want, whenever you want, but just disconnect and appreciate everything that little bit more.

Tell me in the comments below if you took the challenge and disconnected and whether you noticed anything new when you did.