31 August 2014

August 2014: Summer Hols (France), Patience + Baggy Trousers

OBSESSED with taking pictures whenever and wherever.
WISHING the holidays weren't about to end.
WEARING baggy trousers from the market in the warm weather.
KNOWING that I have to try really hard all this year and that its going to be tiring.
FOLLOWING really weird people on twitter.
LISTENING to the Wombats on repeat in car journeys.
ENJOYING relaxing at home before school.
NOTICING how the weather is already starting to change.
DRINKING squash in the mornings.
READING The Host by Stephanie Meyer (I recommend it).
STARTING to worry all over again about learning more for my gcse's and revising.
BOOKMARKING anything and everything.
HOPING that my birthday and christmas arrive really quickly.
WAITING for prom and the end of year eleven.



This year over the summer holidays, we went on holiday to the south of France, near Perpignan. It was such a beautiful place to be and we got to see loads of different things and enjoy the sun before going back to England and the rain.

This post has got my favourite pictures I snapped of the lovely old traditional French houses. I loved the colourful walls and shutters and thought they looked really amazing jumbled together so all the colours were clashing but in a nice way.

The little villages in land or beside the sea were filled with the houses with shutters and I couldn't stop taking pictures of them. I hope everyone else has had great summer holidays and are looking forward to going back to school.

We saw loads of different cars around France and on our journeys around the place. I loved looking at all the old cars like this one. I'd love to own a proper old car, because I just think that they look lovely. We also noticed that the cars came from all over the place because of their number plates which tell you where they come from. We became pretty obsessed with spotting all the different countries eventually and managed to spot loads. The countries we saw that cars came from included:

GB ( Great Britain )
L ( Luxembourg )
LT ( Lithuania )
B ( Belgium )
F ( France )
A ( Andorra )
E ( Spain )
CR ( Croatia )
CZ ( Czech Republic ) 
D ( Germany )
DK ( Denmark )
I ( Italy )
RO ( Romania )
PL ( Poland )
H ( Hungry )
P ( Portugal )
BG ( Bulgaria )
CH ( Switzerland )
SK ( Slovakia )
IRL ( Ireland )