9 August 2014

About a Band | BASTILLE

Bastille - Dan Smith ( vocals + keyboard ), Kyle Simmons ( keyboard + bass ), Will Farquarson ( guitar, bass + keyboard ) and Chris ( Woody ) Wood ( drums )

How did I discover them? Have I seen them live? What is next for them?

I discovered Bastille when I heard their third single, Flaws, on BBC Radio 1 and just loved it, so I looked them up and found out more about them, before buying the deluxe edition of their debut album "All This Bad Blood".

I've seen Bastille live once in 2013 at UEA LCR with some friends and its still my favourite gig that I've been to. They played all their best songs and it was just pretty amazing. Check out my post about going to see them here.

They've started work on a second studio album and I'm extremely excited to see what they produce and whether its just as brilliant as everything else they've done.

Random fact:

Their name comes from Bastille Day on 14th July which is a French celebration, but it is also when Dan's birthday is and they are classed as an English rock band, which formed in 2010.

Why do I love this band?

I love them because they are a proper band with real focus on being that and they produce thoughtful songs that you can sing along to but discover the story of too, which I just love in a band. I would say that they are an indie rock band, which is my favourite genre, so that's another reason to love them.

One of my favourite tracks is What Would You Do, because it tells a story through out the song, but the message of the story is the opposite to what you would assume it to be, but is still really valid. This is really clever and I love the fact that they have been unique in going in that direction.

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