15 August 2014

Why We Should All Laugh More

"To show or feel good humour, usually by a series of spontaneous articulated sounds and movements."

I love laughing, I don't know about you, but I find it brilliant. To be able to find something so enjoyable that you can't hold it in any longer, I think is just a fabulous situation. I reckon that we should all laugh more though; try and forget about any of our worries and have a good old laugh.

Apparently, "people who find it easier to laugh tend to live longer than those who do not", so I think that laughing does actually have physical effects on us making us happier and more positive.  In India there is a kind of laughing therapy where you are all forced to laugh, which is meant to make you happier and laugh genuinely more.

Laughing with yourself, at yourself, with friends, with family, at a joke, at someone, with joy and with sadness... all forms of laughing and to me they are all as important as each other, just in different ways.

To be honest, I just believe that we should spend a little bit more time laughing and having enough fun that we can laugh, because, to borrow that "cool" phrase at the moment, yolo: we only live once so why not laugh more.

The challenge of this life lesson is simply to laugh more and attempt to have a more positive outlook. Comment below if you take part in the challenge.