14 September 2014

The Statistics of Blogging + Why They Aren't as Important as You'd Think

The numbers and figures and statistics that your blog will have are not that important and don't define you.

That is my main message today; just because you don't have hundreds or even thousands of views, followers or 'friends', doesn't mean that you are doing it wrong. The numbers don't change you or judge you as a person. When you see you haven't got as many as [number of followers] as [someone you envy just a little], don't automatically assume that you are rubbish or at fault.

We shouldn't simply be comparing ourselves to other people via all these online platforms. Online we can be as authentic or as fake as we like meaning that maybe all these really famous social media people are actually horrible people in real life, we don't know.

On the internet we are only going to show all the highlights and just because it looks like everyone has such amazing lives doesn't mean they do. You wouldn't put up a picture showing how messy your room is or they you spilled juice all over yourselves, so why would anyone else. You are only seeing all the best perfect parts about their lives not all the bad bits.

"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel." - Steven Furtick

The numbers, I'll admit, do have some advantages. They can show you what type of things are more popular or what you could do to make something better or which things need to be improved. They also show us developing over time as blogs or social media accounts, so that we can see that we must be doing something right if the numbers are going up and not down.

I have this friend who has more than one thousand followers on twitter, I have quite a lot less than that. But I don't mind.

You can take one of two approaches when looking at this, either you can want what you don't have quite yet really really badly and then become someone who lives for watching the numbers increase. Or you can wait and be patient and work hard and just see what happens and definitely do not feel bad if it doesn't happen.

My friend has had her account longer than me so has built up her followers over time; she tweets a lot and makes sure that people notice her account; therefore she has earned her thousand plus followers. I maybe would quite like that many too and will try to gain more, but this doesn't happen over night...

My own numbers September 2014:
Pinterest - 738
Blog page views - 4,986

Updated numbers May 2016:
Pinterest - 1201
Twitter - 72
Blog page views - 12,435
Bloglovin' - 11

What do you think about the statistics and numbers of blogging?