30 September 2014

September 2014: John Green, Sixth Form + Up Do Hair Styles

WISHING school was just that like tiny winy bit easier than it actually is
ENJOYING looking through all my new revision guides for exams (sarcasm)
WAITING for myself to save up and buy the 3,492 books that I absolutely need to to own and read
FOLLOWING, well I'm attempting not to be a sheep
LISTENING to Lorde's album Pure Heroine
OBSESSED with not a lot at the moment
BOOKMARKING sixth form and college websites and their prospectuses
NOTICING the little quirks and relationships of everyone around me
DRINKING more hot chocolate in the colder weather
KNOWING that I will need to remember everyone's birthdays this year
STARTING school...
WEARING my jeans again as its got colder
READING like the John Green books (so far, The Fault in Our Stars, Will Grayson Will Grayson and Looking For Alaska)
HOPING everything goes well

I wanted to share a few pins of hair up do's today that I've been really loving. I especially like the messy hair styles because they look really casual but still nice. I hope you like the images too.

It is the summer holidays now in England, so I hope that I'm going to be able to tie my hair up more to keep it out of the way and so that I don't over heat. These hair styles all look gorgeous and personally I don't think any would be that hard to pull off.

I really like the variations of low bun that look really easy to do and once my hair is slightly longer I hope that I will be able to do more and more of these lovely hair styles.

I also think that using lovely hair slides can really add to the hair style and give something extra like two of the photos here which I like.

These images I love because they all look really dark and beautiful because of that.

They are all very pretty and look messy which I think is always a fun way to have your hair. The top right one I really like because of the different plaited parts that lie over each other giving different layers, patterns and textures.

I already like to tie my hair in plaits and think that to do this would be a really good use of plaits as well.

Adding a hair band in as well like the other top picture I like because this can be really helpful for keeping hair out of the way but looks nice too

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