9 September 2014

Studio Space Tips | Allie Lehman

I'm excited to be here on Hannah's space sharing a bit about my own space (think less digital, more physical)! I've owned my own business since 2009 but this year we finally got our own studio space. It's sort of "the dream" and I've been following creative people/artists/designs take over their own studio spaces for years. It always seemed so glamorous but reality struck and I realized quickly how expensive renovating, decorating and paying for a studio really is! 

Here were a few ways we made the space inviting and comfortable without spending thousands of dollars in one weekend. 

  • Decide what's most important! We knew we had to paint the walls and replace the flooring and we used most of our budget to do that first. 
  • Consider trading for things like furniture, handy work or moving! If you're a designer like me, build their website in exchange. Or buy drinks and pizza for smaller services.
  • Check out your local thrift stores for frames, furniture or electronics. We bought our speakers from Retag It! 
  • IKEA is wonderful for items like floor lamps and desks.
  • The little touches make the space cozy: rugs, a French press, fun coffee mugs, succulents and MUSIC. 

Keep in mind that people love to sit around a table and feel like you want them there. That's ultimately my goal in every decision I make when it comes to this space of ours. If you're ever in Columbus, Ohio - stop by and say hi!

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Just wanted to say thank you to Allie for making this post for me. I really love her blog and websites and think she creates some really inspiring work. Personally, I think the space she is showing you today looks beautiful and gives loads of ideas for anyone who wants to make their space a little more special. Now over to Allie and thanks again.