31 October 2014

October 2014: Loud, Kate Nash + Tomboy Dungarees

ENJOYING loud music that everyone else objects to.
DOING way too much in my opinion.
WEARING my brand new pair of boyfriend jeans from Primark which I am so in love with, they are gorgeous.
OBSESSED with collecting all the issues of Outline Norwich.
READING Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, which I recommend to anyone and everyone.
WISHING I had photographic memory (can they please invent that).
WAITING for Christmas and my sixteenth birthday, yay, so excited.
LISTENING to Kate Nash's two albums that I have.
BOOKMARKING everything on Pinterest that I haven't had time to look at.
FOLLOWING all the gigs coming up so I can make sure I remember them all.
WASTING time when I should be revising for my mocks in November.
NOTICING everyone.
KNOWING that revision is crucial for exam success, sadly.


I don't actually own a pair of dungarees myself but they are definitely on my wish list for the near future. I don't really know why but I just absolutely love dungarees: they look great with everything; create amazing unique styles; and suit anyone and any event.

My favourites

My favourite of all these pairs, is the pale denim pair at the top, because I love the colour, pockets, straps, baggy-ness and rolled up shorts-part... Basically they are perfect and I would hope that kind of pair would suit me or I'm stuffed.

I think they would really fit my own style and work with other clothes, shoes and accessories that I already have. The baggy, practical kind of look, I always like and I think its such a great basis for a style.

Why they are an all year round essential


Go with everything

Usefully full of pockets

Variety of styles, shapes and patterns

Can be smart or casual

Fit my style

Don't restrict you from doing stuff

Which are your favourite pair?