14 November 2014

November 2014: Divergent, Passenger + Shirts

WAITING for December.
READING the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.
KNOWING I have to start working hard now for my GCSE's.

DRINKING cold tea by accident, not very nice.
LISTENING to Passenger.
OBSESSED with never missing the chart on a Sunday.
WASTING homework time not doing homework.
WEARING about ten jumpers at the moment.
BOOKMARKING loads of favourite Pinterest boards to look at.
PANICKING that I'll forget to make any Christmas cards.
HOPING that this winter isn't too cold,
NOTICING people's clothes and style.

I absolutely love shirts; they are probably my favourite item of clothing ever and I quite like clothes. They are great for so many different kinds of styles, go with everything and there are so many different types that all look so good. I love wearing shirts and buttoning them up right to the top to make it look great but kind smart at the same time.

I got a shorter kind of shirt this year and wore it loads; its goes with everything, which just what is so great about shirts. One theme I noticed in this group of shirts is the colour blue. Blue shirts just go with everything, especially a lighter colour blue because they even work with blue jeans. I'd love to own some of the shirts here because they all look gorgeous and I think would go with other clothes that I have.

Do you have a favourite type/ style of shirt?

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I did another post all about shirts the other day, which I thought was a great collection, so here's a second collection for you to admire. I especially love the red shirt in this group because it is so over sized and is a really lovely vibrant red colour too. You could wear it with anything I think, but it does look great here matched with the black top and shorts though.

The two matching shirts are pretty too with rounded collars and softer colours. Overall, I just really like shirts to wear with anything and whenever as they compliment all kinds of outfits and work no matter what the weather.

What is your favourite autumn shirt or shop for shirts?