11 December 2014

16th Birthday + Coloured Metal Rings

I'm turning sixteen this year, on December 18th and I'm so excited for it, so I've made this little wishlist for a few of the things that I would really love for my birthday this year.

I have really would like a new smart phone this year and have looked up a few to see what's out there and think I've found one that would be great. My mum for my sixteenth wanted to get me a ring which will be really cool - rings post. Also, I'd love some more new cds to add to my collection because there are a few albums that have come out recently which I'd love.

  1. designing skills
  2. indie, rock, pop, folk, electro, band CDs
  3. my style of clothes
  4. John Green books
  5. headphones
  6. wide minimalist ring
  7. new smart phone
  8. bigger geometric earrings
  9. chocolate

It's going to be my sixteenth birthday in December, which I'm so excited about and my mum wants to buy me a ring for it so I've been looking up all different kinds of rings to try and figure out which kind I'd like best.

My favourites

I really like all the rings in this post, but I think that I prefer the ones with different coloured metals in because they're a bit different and would go with anything because they are actually more than one colour even though they act as one ring together.

One of my favourite sets here is the knotted different metal ones, because I think the knots are really simple designs but still are a bit different and just lovely. I also really like the thicker ring with the cat shape; it was the only thicker shaped ring that I actually like and I think its quite different because of the specific shape and I like the simple cat face that's been put on the front.

My birthday

I really want all these different styles because I love them all so much so limiting my list is going to be very difficult. These are some of the ones I've found and pinned on my Jewellery board, so that my mum can find them easily. I think its definitely going to be a challenge picking just one for my sixteenth though.

Do you have any ideas for which kind of ring I should choose?