30 December 2014

Favourites of 2014 + Happy New Year 2015

This year has been pretty brilliant and I've done loads of amazing things and learnt loads of new things too.

It's been a different year and one where I've had to start growing up more and more with more new and different responsibilities ready for the next stages of my life in 2015 and 2016. I have made a little list of my highlights from this year below and some of the great things I've done.
  1. Getting over 800 (!!) Pinterest followers and getting myself onto 8tracks (so great)
  2. Doing the school play of Austin Powers
  3. Going to loads of amazing gigs - Frank Turner, Clean Bandit, Years & Years, Passenger, La Roux, Rizzle Kicks, Deaf Havana...
  4. Buying more gorgeous clothes
  5. Reading some such unique and inspiring books
  6. Holidaying in France again (here and here)
  7. Turning sixteen
  8. Getting to go to the National Finals of the Coca Cola Real Business Challenge in London and receiving the Runner up prize in the Norfolk YE Finals
  9. Going to Latitude on the Saturday and seeing some amazing bands and performances
  10. Having some really creative people write on my blog (Studio 404, Allie Lehman)
  11. Starting the On Hannah's Bookshelf series on It's All About Stories blog
  12. Restoring my granddad's old record player
  13. Doing a set of mock exams where I managed to get 4 A's, 3 B's, 3 C's and a D (yay)
  14. Growing out my hair even more and the list could go on but I won't...


I hope everyone has had a brilliant twenty fourteen and that twenty fifteen is even better. I especially hope it goes well as I have my GCSE exams this year and its very exciting and nerve racking at once. So good luck everyone with this brand new year...