28 January 2015

January 2015: We Were Lairs, The Voice + Years & Years

READING We Were Liars by E Lockhart (I recommend this to everyone has such an amazing twist).
THINKING about prom and being ready for it.
LISTENING to Years & Years on repeat all the time, they need to release an album.

KNOWING that this year will rush by so quickly.
OBSESSED with listening to music all of the time everywhere.
SEEING loads of bands live in the coming spring.
WEARING my new big baggy shirt all the time.
WISHING that GCSE's were here already so they could be over and done with.
WATCHING The Voice this spring to find more stars.
NOTICING the small things.
FINDING new music magazines - DIY mag and Wonderland mag - which are so great.
WRITING English coursework.
LOVING my new phone (LG L90).
FAVOURITING so many great playlists on 8tracks.