21 February 2015

About a Band | CHVRCHES

Lauren Mayberry (vocals), Iain Cook (guitar and bass), Martin Doherty (synths, samplers)

How did I discover them? Have I seen them live? What is next for them?

I got sent Chvrches debut album The Bones of What You Believe as a download to check out a while back. I didn't take much notice until a friend told me about them and how much he liked them so I listened to them properly and became a big fan.

I am really happy to have their album because it is so good and has such a variety of tracks on it. Seeing them live is definitely something I would love to do; I've checked out some videos of their live performances and they sound amazing.

Random fact:

Chvrches are classed as an electronic / synth-pop band from Scotland who came fifth on the BBC’s Sound of 2013 list of most promising new music talent. Their first single, The Mother We Share, was featured in the 2014 Commonwealth Games opening Ceremony.

They have supported some huge live acts including Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club (about a band for TDCC) and Depeche Mode and they have become big enough for other famous acts to open for them like Dan Croll, MO and Young Fathers.

Why do I love CHVRCHES?

Chvrches are probably one of my favourite bands because I love all the music that they produce. I have their debut album and every song on it is basically brilliant. I know the lyrics to probably all of the songs so can sing along.

My favourite tracks are probably Get Away, The Mother We Share and Recover. Get Away is one of their new singles and they produced a track, Dead Air, which is part of the Hunger Games Mockingjay sound track. Loads of their songs make me pretty emotional to be honest as they are so good and Lauren voice is lovely.

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