Complete Workspace Essentials + What I Want for My Workspace + My Workspace Wishes

Just wanted to share with you today some complete essentials for a workspace and these images of them which I really like.

A calendar of course is very crucial so that every deadline is met and nothing is forgotten. You can also buy calendars that look really interesting or nice too, so it doesn't have to be a cheap and bad aesthetic one.

Lamps, as I always get reminded, need to be on when it gets too dark in the room, so buying one of these would be good and means you can keep working even when it does get dark. I really like this black lamp because I think it looks minimal and would suit any work space.

Nobody should forget a desk. You can buy so many different kinds of desks: with or without drawers, metal or wood, colours or not. I personal prefer a simple desk made of wood with drawers so that I can keep everything organised.

And last but not least a giant pin board. This is something that I really want to own when I live in my own home. I think they are brilliant for sorting out ideas and putting notes on but also good just for putting up pictures and posters too.

calendar | lamp | desk | pinboard


A collection of everything that I want in my dream work space... This literally is a extremely shortened list of all the little things I would love to create a home for in my perfect workspace (dream workspace post), including all the furniture and stationary and extras that I want to have.

I completely love the little white file cabinet which I found on Poppin ( an amazing stationary and office shop ). I think it would be great in a white painted office, which had all sorts of other pops of colour.

I am quite obsessed with vintage items at the moment, so the light pink typewriter would be such a gorgeous accessory, which I might use occasionally (?) and the mint blue telephone, because actual telephones have more or less gone out of fashion, apart from for me...

There are loads of different notebooks that I would completely love to own; I just love the designs on some of the that all look great, but are generally very subtle.

The wires and leads I thought were such a good idea from a shop called, because my chargers and things always end up completely tangled which is really annoying and they are just black, which is boring.

Pin boards I have loved forever and I especially liked these little round ones, because they are really different and give a little pop of colour too.

And of course those pencils, well you can't live without pencils in your office and especially these ones.

image | workspace item images

I have been looking through my Offices and Studios Pinterest board recently for ideas of things I could buy for my work space, because I keep adapting it and changing it depending on what I feel like at the time. I found loads of gorgeous dream work spaces, which I just loved.

And thought I could share them with you, because I am a bit obsessed. I really like the lamps in some of these offices and think that they are so simple, but perfect. Also, I love the white walls and then really colourful, popping table and stationary; I just think that it works really well.

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