Festival of Literature for Young People in 2015 | The Run Up

You may have been curious in my last book review of The Fault in the Stars when I mentioned that I had used the review in an application for the media team for FLY (Festival of Literature for Young People).

My English teacher asked me a couple of months ago if I would like to apply to be part of this and I said yes, so I had to write this review to be able to get into the festival media team. Since then, I have done a training day for it and found out that only four people in total got picked to be part of the media team.

The festival is the only literature festival for young people or teenagers, they think, in the world which makes it a really unique event that I am very lucky to be part of. The festival is run over one week in July in and outside of the campus of the university it is based at - UEA. There are loads of different activities and speakers and dramas at the festival with lots of famous authors who are coming to speak about their new books.

To get ready for the festival I have got a few books by the authors to read in the run-up. I got The Honours by Tim Clare, Just in Case by Meg Rosoff and End Game by Alan Gibbons. I am currently reading The Honours and so far it is really good. I might put up reviews for these books at some point too.

You can discover more about this festival on the FLY website, where you can also buy tickets to see some of the speakers and join in with the festival.

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