26 July 2015

July 2015: Latitude, Ice Cream + Stylish Summer Sunglasses

OBSESSED with the summer sunshine.
HAPPY that I got the chance to go to Latitude Weekend Festival.
LISTENING to Twenty One Pilots new album, Blurryface, on repeat.
LOVING my new Friends top with Central Park written on.
EXCITED to be going on holiday to France.
LOOKING FORWARD to a new sixth form very very soon.
EATING lots of ice cream because it is warm.
PACKING my bags to go on holiday.
FITTING almost my whole bedroom into a few bags and holdall.
FORGETTING to write blog posts and rushing them a little bit.
WORRIED a tiny bit about my GCSE results which I get on the 20th August.


I just bought my new pair of sunglasses for this year and I really really love them so it has inspired me to look up some of my other favourite looking sunglasses (and outfits which go well with them).

The perfectly round pairs of sunglasses in the picture are probably my favourite. It is a very vintage retro style and has been brought back but really works well. Annoyingly though, that style of sunglasses doesn't really suit me, but I do wish it did because they are definitely my favourite. The metal frames of some of them look flashy and make then stand out more compared to the simple black pairs.

The heart sunglasses simply look cool and funny for if you were going out to have fun somewhere. I like the thick white frames that this pair has too as they make the sunglasses extra big and exaggerated. The shirt that the girl in the first picture is wearing, I really like, its really baggy and summery which I like.

My favourite outfit in the pictures though is definitely the one with the girl who is wearing a stripy top, black tight jeans and has lovely blond hair pulled into a top knot. I think it's such a nice outfit and something I'd like to try at some point too.

Hope you've all picked out your sunglasses for the summer as the weather begins to get even warmer too.

Where are you buying your sunglasses this summer?

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I got to go to Latitude, a festival in Suffolk, from Friday to Sunday this year, which I went to for the day last year (Latitude 2014).

Me and my dad camped there for the two nights and it was so amazing to see all the different acts and experience the whole thing. I managed to squeeze into the full crowds of Alt J, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and Years & Years on my own. I enjoyed loads of the comedians, especially Joe Lycett, . Some of my other favourite smaller bands were Clean Cut Kid and Seafret who were both in the DIY Alcove Arena.

I saw some great dancers from the BBC Young Dancer Of The Year Awards on the Lake Stage. I met up with my friends and got to see some acts with them and to meet an old friend from first school. Overall, I had the best time ever and got to have loads of fun seeing and enjoying everything.