2 August 2015

11 Social Media Resources for Bloggers

Social media can be a tricky thing to get to grips with and to use to you best advantage for some people but it can utilise blogging and help make sure that everyone is noticing your blog and knows what you are about.

Using social media to promote your blog or business will benefit you a lot and can make better connections with customers and readers. I've been finding loads of helpful sites that have tips about social media and how best to use it so that you get as much out of it as possible, so I decided to share what I found with you.

If you check out my Pinterest board all about Social Media you might find even more helpful resources too.

Design Instruct - Quick Guide to Social Media Image Sizes - an article including all the different pixel image sizes for all social media websites.

Hello Society - this is an agency that helps represent people across social media to create effective social media campaigns.

Oak and Oats - Social Media Musts - must do tips and tricks for using social media effectively to promote and market your blog or business.

Icons DB - social media icon resource, find any different style of icon to use to link to your social media accounts on your website or blog.

Coschedule - social media scheduler for most social networks although this is a paid option and read Shop the Bar - Coschedule to find out why they love coschedule so much and how to use it well. Other scheduler tools include Buffer and Hootsuite.

Mashable - Social Media Tips for Bloggers - really useful article with simple easy ways to use social media if you're a blogger.

Quick Sprout - Guide to Building Your Blog Audience - detailed, useful and extensive guide on building you blog audience using content schedulers and social media.

Copy Blogger - Blogs and Social Media - really interesting article on why blogs count as a form of social media, no useful tips but a very interesting point of view.