23 August 2015

About a Band | You Me At Six

Josh Franceschi (vocals), Max Helyer (guitar), Chris Miller (guitar), Matt Barnes (bass guitar), Dan Flint (drums)

How did I discover them? Have I seen them live? What is next for them?

I found You Me At Six when a friend of mine became obsessed with them and recommended them to me just before I got sent a download for their latest album, Cavalier Youth. Since then I have also bought their other albums, Take Off Your Colours, Hold Me Down and Sinners Never Sleep, so now I have them all.

I got to see them live earlier this year and I absolutely loved it, I ended up very sweaty with no voice left and unable to hear very well which made it one of the best gigs I have ever been to. They were supported by Glass City Vice and Twin Wild (who are also a really great band with an amazing song called Another Stranger). I hope that they will make another album soon so I don't exhaust their discography too quickly.

Random facts:

You Me At Six are an English rock band from Surrey who formed in 2004 before releasing their first album, Take Off Your Colours, in 2008. They are a band who is always touring so I've even been able to see them live and they have appeared with bands like Thirty Seconds to Mars, Paramore, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low. They have to award for Best British Band in the Kerrang! awards in 2011.

Why are You Me At Six one of my all time favourite bands?

I absolutely love this band and all of their albums are so good. My favourite album has to be Sinners Never Sleep their third album because I could listen to it on repeat for days on end. Picking favourite songs is definitely difficult, I literally love them all.

I have to say though that I do love Lived A Lie, This Is the First Thing and Little Bit of Truth and Crash (and I could continue but I won't!).

I know most of the words to the songs so when I saw them live I was able to yell out all of the lyrics so loudly. I think the You Me At Six gig I went to is my favourite ever gig which is saying something because I've been able to go to so many gigs and have loved so many of them.

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