13 September 2015

Starting Sixth Form

Starting sixth form has been a very very new experience but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I do feel a little bit like the girl in the picture and as though I've thrown myself into the very deep end of a swimming pool but I'm beginning to resurface and properly experience everything.

I had to get organised with stationary, be ready to make new friends, know everything to do with gcse's and get myself enough of my own clothes to wear (it's non-uniform, yay). The subjects I am now taking are biology, maths and psychology. Psychology I didn't do at gcse so I'm really curious to find out what we learn.

I've now started to get into the swing of how the lessons work and how the teachers teach meaning that I've been able to keep on top of all my note taking and homework. I needed lots of new textbooks as well which, as it turns out, aren't the cheapest thing to buy.

I have managed to make lots of new friends and met new people which is really cool because it means it's a complete change from high school with new surroundings and people. My sixth form is inside the old fire station which is interesting as the old doors for fire engines to use and the fireman's pole are still in place.

Overall I've definitely enjoyed by first week and hope that I continue to really enjoy the next two years and come out with some good a level grades as well.

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