18 October 2015

Running Out of Time

After starting at sixth form, I haven't been able to put as much work into this blog as I would like to, which I have found quite annoying. But it has simply been because I have been running out of time to much at all.

At the moment, I am managing to fit in doing loads of work towards my A levels but I'm doing less of the other things I like doing for pleasure, like blogging, reading and listening to new music. That is why today I decided to stop and write a blog post for you all.

I do know that it is very important to balance time when you work or go to school but it is also a very very difficult thing to balance right. I need to find a good medium where I have time to do the things I love like designing and blogging, but also time to be able to do the best I can on my A levels and not completing tire myself out. I have always found looking for this balance very difficult and hope that this blog post will inspire me into taking some action.

I hope you all manage to give yourself a good work and free time balance and if you have any tips for anyone you could share them in the comments section below.

image from death to stock