11 October 2015

About a Band | Twenty One Pilots

Tyler Joseph (vocals, piano, synth, bass), Josh Dun (drums)

How did I discover them? Have I seen them live? What is next for them?

I got given a few of the songs off Twenty One Pilots' first album (on a record label) and I absolutely loved them. Since then I've got the two albums, Vessel and Blurryface, and they are just such good albums.

Seeing them living would be so cool and amazing. I've seen videos of them performing and they just put on such a great show. I'd be really interested to get the first two albums they self-released to listen to and be able to compare how they've changed.

Random facts:

Tyler decided on the name Twenty One Pilots after studying "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller, which is a play about a man who must decide what is best for his family after he caused the death of twenty one pilots during WWII because he sent them faulty parts to help his business; he liked the moral dilemma for the inspiration of the name.

They also went on tour with Fall Out Boy in 2013, which is another band I really like.

Why do I love this band?

Twenty One Pilots are one of my favourite bands at the moment and I keep listening to Blurryface on repeat because it is just so great. I love the lyrics of all the songs and the relatable stories that are told within the individual songs and throughout whole albums.

My favourite song currently is probably Tear in My Heart, like with all their songs, this one just makes me happy and want to sing along (which I can do with just about all their songs)./

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