More Inpiring Quotes

I decided to simply design an image for a few of the quotes I've been liking at the moment and share them with you. Under thinking it is definitely a good idea because otherwise your mind will end up full of so much that isn't even in your control or worth worrying about.

And as every single teacher and seemingly all adults say, quality is always much better that quantity for so many reasons. It is also a lot easy to spend more time on something small then to do too much.

Loved these quotes I found on Pinterest so decided to design my own versions. I think it is definitely a great idea for Sundays to be the days where we all take a deep breath and pause because it is the end of the week and let's face it, by that point we're generally shattered.

So on that note, I also think we should never let idiots ruin our days because if they've acted that badly then they really shouldn't be that significant to us. Therefore we should rise above them and be better people.

I decided to make a wallpaper for this quote that you can download, because I completely love this quote at the moment. I think its so important to "be a voice, not an echo" because otherwise your opinion just gets lost in the crowd and you aren't heard.

Everyone's opinion are as important as everyone else's so your voice should never get lost behind someone else's. To be honest, I think that I definitely need to be more of a voice and not an echo, because what I think should be just as important as what anyone else thinks and if I have something to say I should just say it and not be an echo of everyone else's opinions.