8 November 2015

How to Stay Productive in Our Busy + Rushed Modern Lifestyles

Being productive is something I always strive to be and I hate it when I feel like I have wasted my time doing nothing or doing something that won't really benefit me. This prompted me to find lots of ways to help you become more productive.

Useful resources and articles on productivity:

I've gathered up some resources and articles all about staying productive. All of these are essential ideas for being a designer or blogger but they can also help with staying organised in general and not becoming overwhelmed.

Hopefully you'll also find loads of these ideas helpful and be able to use them yourselves so that you can become even better at what you do.

College Prep: Tips For Increased Productivity - useful especially if you are at school or university.

My tips on being productive and making the most of your time:

- Minimise distractions

- Work with music without lyrics or that you don't know very well so you can't sing along

- Get a good night's sleep, every night

- To do lists will be your best friend so you know exactly what needs to be done

- Prioritise tasks so you know what is most important

- Have breaks between periods of working or studying

- Get up when your alarm tells you to

- Makesure people know when you're working so they can't disrupt you

- Move your phone away and turn off notifications for social media and emails