27 September 2015

September 2015: Tiny Tattoos + Sixth Form

STARTING sixth form.
MEETING new people.
TRAVELLING a new way.
WORKING all of the time.
DOING a levels.
LEARNING lots of new things in lessons.
WEARING my denim jacket all the time.
LETTING my doc martens injure my feet.

I really like the idea of getting a small tattoo somewhere that's discrete, but that symbolises something for me. I've found lots of ideas on Pinterest and made a board for them. I really like these small ones on the wrist because they are really discrete but also very pretty and interesting. I like the geometric one of triangles a lot because it is on both wrists. I like the triple dot one as well because it could symbolise punctuation but also is very discrete.

These ones I do really like, they're really simple shapes but really effective as discrete tattoos. I like the stars one because I think put a tattoo behind your ear is a cool idea as it means it isn't always on show but does add a little something if you had short hair or put your hair in an updo.

What tattoo would you want to get or have you got?

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