18 February 2016

January + February 2016: Not Enough Blogging, the Sky + Mocks

You're probably all wondering where I've been for this long absence from the blog. Busy, is all I can say. School work suddenly overwhelmed me and I found I had not quite enough spare time or the imagination to continue the blog.

Over the last two months I have been busy in other ways though.

At the very beginning of the year, new years eve to be exact, I got a second ear lobe piercing which I absolutely love.

I've also recently bought myself a gorgeous pinafore in new look. I've done some more mock exams (managed to get an A and two B's, yay).

We went away on holiday for a few days to Wales to visit my grandma who's been ill and it was nice to catch up with family.

I'm loving the sky at the moment and keep taking pictures of the beautiful sunsets we keep having here.

I've started a future learn course about literature and mental health too, which has been really interesting.

I've have also seen the Kooks and Gabrielle Aplin at gigs.

I am hoping to post more often on here now that I've come back. I want to post more informative posts and posts about stuff that is interesting me right now. So you may see more posts on psychology in the future as I hope to apply for a degree in psychology in the autumn and it is my favourite subject. But I also hope to post more on my other passions of music, graphic design and books.

I'm glad to have come back and hope I don't leave again soon.

How has the start of the year been for everyone?