Updated: Social Media Shoutout

I did a shout out for my social media way back in 2014 - you can check out that post here - so I decided to update you and show the change two years can make: trust me, it's a really big change. I really like the way my social media and blogs have developed and become a style that I am really proud to show off to you.

Not Very Obsessed, as you can see if you compare these posts, has changed dramatically and I think looks a lot better and I'm proud to show it off. I'm also looking forward to sharing a lot more that's interesting and enlightening in the future. I love the series' I've started and the content I've created.

Pinterest is still my favourite site to share my blog posts, work and others work. There is a lot of interaction and it still amazes me how some of my older posts are continuing to be shared because people keep pinning them (my post on branding resources is one example). I now have over 1000 followers on pinterest, which is a massive leap from when I had 400 last time I did this post.

Tumblr I have started to like even more at the moment. I love the aesthetic, style of my blog and the pictures I post and I have started to post some of my own stuff on their too. I always keep changing up the design of this blog but I think I have found, at least for now, a design that suits what I post and what I like.

Twitter I still use to keep up to date with stuff that's happening: such as bands, magazines, friends, designers and my favourite accounts at the moment, like quote catalog and very british problems.

Instagram I recently joined and am really liking as it has inspired to take pictures more, which I did already enjoy but it usually to a back seat compared to everything else. I'm loving hope people change their feed and design it and the pictures that are put up, because they are always stunning.