27 February 2016

How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Blog, Brand or Business

I've been thinking recently about what a mission statement is and what mine should be. I should probably have thought about this when I first started blogging but at least I have decided to get round to it now.

What is it?

Recently I began thinking about my own mission statement and what one is, why we need one, and how to make one. I've had to split this topic on to two posts so the next one is coming your way soon. So I did some research and discovered that it can either be called a mission statement or a manifesto (basically a manifesto covers more information in a detailed way and is what political parties create for the policies and values).

Definition of a mission statement:

A mission statement is a statement declaring the purpose of an organization or company - the reason for this company's existence. A mission statement provides framework and context to help guide the company's strategies and actions by spelling out the company's overall goal.

Definition of a manifesto:

A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.

Why do you need a missions statement?

The reason mission statements are so important is that it outlines exactly what the organisations purpose is, and having a purpose is key to having a clear focus and brand. It can be used to remind you of what direction you are going in and whether a new project actually fits with your overall aim. I hadn’t even thought of creating one before but now that I have I’ve realised how important is really is and it has shown me the direction I want to go in with my blog and why I really want to do it. This is crucial to being a big success, I'm told, but I can already tell that it creates a sense of unity and direction over the whole brand.

How to write a mission statement?

Next is how to actually make your missions statement. It should be only a few sentences long and convey your overall message clearly and concisely. I’ve written up some questions to consider below which should give you a good idea about the stuff that needs to be put in. There should be repeated themes or ideas when you analyse your answer and combining these should create your mission statement.

  • Why do you blog; what is your motivation?
  • What question do I answer or ask in my writing and everyday life?
  • Your ideal audience and what you are giving them/what they are getting.
  • The topics you want to write about vs the topics you enjoy writing about.
  • Does anyone care about what you have to say?
  • Where do you see your blog in the future?
  • What is different about your blog?
  • Which bloggers do you look up to and want to be like and why?
  • Will you be personal, professional or indifferent in your style and writing?
  • Practically what are you going to do to achieve your vision?
- ideas from me, the kardia blog + co schedule

My mission statement:

I'm here to help you make the most of life with a positive outlook on the everyday.

Young, inspired creatives + learners get ready to learn about surviving growing up + the creative industries like blogging, design + music.

Extra resources:

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Do you have any tips for making a mission statement?

Have you created your own mission statement?

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