27 March 2016

March 2016: Blog Ideas, Uni Prep + CD's

Thinking about writing a personal statement for university.
Getting ready for maths exams in May and June.
Feeling cold all the time.
Considering a gap year before university.
Creating a new series: design dictionary.
Watching lots and lots of episodes of Glee.
Revising for mock exams just after the Easter holidays.
Buying a lovely big stripy baggy top / dress.
Having the Easter holidays.
Wearing warm clothes.
Listening to lots of cd's (including PVRIS)
Coming up with new ideas for this blog.

How was March for you?


One // Pinafore

The first thing on this list I did actually buy already but I've been wanting a pinafore for ages so it goes on the list anyway. It's gorgeous and from the petite section of new look which means it fits me really well because I am pretty small. It's got pockets either side and a large one on the front and I really can't live without pockets because they are so handy. I bought it in blue denim but you can also buy it in black denim. It's smart but practical and kind of different which basically sums up my style.

Two // T-shirts

I've seen some really lovely ones in h + m, new look and urban outfitters (which is sadly too expensive for me). I really like the short sleeved tops that are white with colours around the end of the sleeves and round the neck line. Or stripy tops, I've already got a really nice baggy top with blue and red stripes but another would be lovely too.

Three // Bralette

And before you ask, that's a mix between a bra and a tight crop top, kind of. There are some really cool ones in urban outfitters in really nice colours although I prefer black. I like the ones which have a little bit of lace but are the kind of thing that would be decent enough to wear as a pajama top in the summer, because I think that's a good idea instead of a vest.

Four // Conditioner.

I've been meaning to buy some good quality hair conditioner for ages from boots but still haven't got around to it, so hopefully now it's on this list I will. Aussie has brought out a lot of good hair products and has been recommended to me to use to make sure my hair stays in good condition.

Five // Psychology book.

To be exact it's Richard Gross' book, Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour, seventh edition. I wanted to buy a psychology book which wasn't the exact syllabus but would support me through psychology a level and maybe degree and this one is meant to be the best one out there. It has a basis of all topic covered in psychology and covers lots of the most up to date studies done because it is the newest edition.

Six // Brit Awards 2016 cd.

I like getting these cd's each year because it's a good way to see all the songs that have been popular in that year and reminds you of some older ones and gives you a whole collection to listen to. I also just really love music and a lot of artists I really like are on this years album, so I think it would be a good thing to get.