1 April 2016

The Most Important Policies for Bloggers

I've been researching a lot around blogging, the law, different policies and the way to approach it, so I thought I'd put together all of the resources I found into one post to share with you.

What policies to consider if you are a blogger

There are many different things to consider depending on what type of services your blog or business provides, what data you store and whether you make money or not.

For example, if you use affiliate links, then you should have a disclosure policy so that people know you are making money from the link. Or if you have a mailing list and collect details like names and emails, then you need a privacy policy so that people know what you will do with their information.

Once I'd discovered more I went back on some of my favourite bloggers websites to see their polices. You can check out some different examples of policies here or look through your own favourite blogs and businesses for their policies to compare:

Resources about blogging and legal policies

I found many different articles about blogging and the law and different policies and what is best to do. So I collected them up here for you to have a look through and read through, they were all really useful and interesting.

Policy Generators

To create policies like the few different ones I've listed below, you can use policy generators which will ask for some of the information about your blog or business and create a policy which fits you.

There are different rules in different countries so you need to check that the generator you use applies to your country and that you are obeying the specific laws of your country. Below I have listed some policy generators I have found while looking through the internet.
  • disclosure policy
  • terms of service
  • terms and conditions
  • copyright notice
  • privacy policy
  • disclaimer
  • shipping and returns
  • refund policy
  • cookies
Here are some policy generators:

Pivacy Policy     Shopify: T & C     Privacy Policies     Terms of Service     Disclosure Policy

Which policies does your blog use?

What are your tips about blogs and the law?