12 April 2016

How to Stay Organised in Your Blog and Life

Normally I would definitely class myself as an organised person but at the moment I've found that with my blog I've become less and less organised

I thought I was organised, maybe not

I am very good at sorting out paper work or making sure nothing is done late and I keep on top of to do lists very well, but somehow I have let everything get the better of me.

I realised this recently so I decided I should take action and try and sort myself and my blog out. I know this ultimately will be a long process but I feel like it will benefit me greatly and mean I will become more productive and consistent with the work I do and the content I produce. Therefore I know this will be worthwhile, I just need to get round to doing lots of brainstorming and deciding - not just umm-ing and ah-ing over everything.

I hadn't done a life lessons post in quite a while and when I realised one was definitely overdue, I took a look at everything and figured out that I had got something to share with you all. And it would probably be very relevant because I know a lot of people who struggle to keep organised and on top of everything.

Your challenge

So over the next few weeks, I challenge you to choose something in your life and try to organise it or find a better way of doing it to make your life just a little bit easier.

I am going to try and streamline and organise the categories and topics of the content on my blog so that it makes more sense and is more consistent with my overall aim, as I have been meaning to do this for a very long time but never seem to get around to it.

How organised are you?