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FAUXCHELLA: My Dream Festival (The Band Version)

Doing a post all about my dream festival is definitely something that I should have done sooner, so an email from TickPick about their idea for a dream festival, called Fauxchella as a play on words with Coachella, gave me some inspiration.

I think my festival, at least for 2016, would be very band centred. I seem to be loving quite loud proper drums, guitars, etc kind of bands recently so I think it would be fitting to just put them all at a festival together.

Below I've listed all the bands I'd love to appear at my festival and exactly why I'd love them to be there. I now really want this festival to happen now that I've thought about my top bands to see their because I think it would be so cool to see all of my favourite bands all in the same place at the same time. I'd probably freak out with excitement.

If anyone has any extra ideas for my loud band festival, comment below and let me know if you'd be willing to visit my festival.

Since I found Twenty One Pilots by accident a few years ago I've been attached and listen on repeat to both Vessel and Blurryface. I love the lyrics and the mix of piano, yelling, and singing that the pair bring to music. I think it is a new style and definitely one I love.
They have always been one of my favourite bands and owning all of their albums shouldn't come as a surprise. I have seen them live and would completely love to see them live again but at a festival would definitely add something extra and make the crowd even more pumped than they were at the gigs.

I was recently bought the album What Are You So Scared Of? by Tonight Alive and didn't expect to like it that much, but since giving it a few (more like 20) listens, I have really fallen in love. I really love the lyrics and sound. I think they'd be great to see live because I'd love the opportunity to sing along to some of the lyrics and be able to see how the crod reacted.

Probably one of my all time favourite bands, they had to go on the set list. I'd also hope they'd play the whole of my favourite album Sinners Never Sleep, because then I can sing along to all the words. I have been lucky enough to see them live before and I think it is the favourite gig I have ever been to, it was so amazing dancing and singing along.

Discovering PVRIS only a few months, has made me realise what I've been missing. Sadly, I didn't get to see them live when they came to play a gig near where I live last month, because I was on holiday. I would love to see them live as I have listened to their album so many times on repeat that I would really love to be able to see them live and the atmosphere they create.

My favourite song Oceans would have to be played but other than that I love loads of their songs. They are such a great band and I think they'd be so good live and really pump the crowd up which would be so cool to see and be part of and I could sing along.

I own a few of Fall Out Boy's albums and from what I've heard I'd really like to see them live. One of my school friends got to see them live in London and completely loved it so I definitely think I'd enjoy it.

I was obsessed with their first album, so when their second came along and was even better it was amazing. I think they'd be so good to see live because they seem to be able to excite the crowd and create a great atmosphere and I love the electronic style to their music. I completely love Lauren's voice and their music seems to take me somewhere else which is so cool.

Panic! At the Disco:
I really love both their most recent albums and love to listen to them on repeat to hear something loud and a little angry which I can also sing along to with headphones on. I think they'd be amazing live because of the fans which would all love the atmosphere.

Two Door Cinema Club:
For Christmas one year, my dad bought me their most recent album and I really liked it. It is upbeat and fun and has quirky cool lyrics. They'd be really good like because I think they'd make loads of jokes with the audience and interact with them a lot which would be really fun.

TickPick - a resource for fans to buy and sell tickets:

TickPick inspired me to write a post last week all about my dream festival and gave the name FAUXCHELLA as a starting point. They also kindly designing and personalised the poster which is the graphic for the post, which I really love.

TickPick are an organisation which fans can buy and sell tickets to events through. It can be for any event like festivals, football games, sports and concerts. They sell majority for events in the USA but some happen in the UK.