25 May 2016

Starting My Blog | May Link Up

I started my blog way back in 2013, almost 3 years ago now. Ever since then, I have worked hard to expand, develop and grow my blog to make it what it has become today.

Being inspired to start a blog:

I have always been inspired by design and making stuff look pretty: always hand making my greetings cards and inventing ideas just so I could design something for it. This meant that when I noticed that my mum had started a blog all about books and she seemed to be finding it easy to run, I was inspired by the idea of blogs and blog design.

My mum's blog definitely didn't and still doesn't look pretty enough for my personal standards. I tried to persuade her to let me redesign her blog and make everything look good for her, but she wouldn't give in. This is when I decided to start my own blog so that I'd be able to learn how to design a blog/ website and so I could create pretty graphics for it, which I was always doing anyway.

Creating Not Very Obsessed:

It took me ages to come up with the name for my blog. There have been too many name changes and URL edits to count: My First New Blog, The URL I Claimed and The Modern Vintage, to name a few. I read so many posts on how to choose a name, but the problem was that at the time I didn't have much of a direction and didn't want to lock myself into a niche by picking a really specific name that could limit me.

That was when Not Very Obsessed was born. It enabled me to write about anything I wanted, wasn't a very long name and was quite different and unique (meaning the URL's for the blog and social media platforms were available). I liked the idea that I could focus on anything that I was obsessed with and that meant I could change direction and content if I wanted to.

My first post to the content I now produce:

My first post was about a visit to a craft shop, where I simply outlined what I had bought and how much I liked the shop. I must admit it wasn't a very good quality post or graphic, didn't give much information about anything at all and wasn't setting a good standard or category for my future content. Since then I have updated it slightly, although I have kept the graphics to remind me of how far I've come with my graphic design and blogging.

Now I feel like I have found the content I want to produce and the way I want to be portrayed on the internet meaning it's so much easier to streamline everything I produce.

I want to help people be more positive and make the most of life, so I love posting my Life Lessons feature and including loads of information to teach, enlighten and inspire my readers.

Developments of the blog and me:

My blog runs on Blogger, hence the web address, although I have always tried to make it look as professional as possible and make sure it loses any trace of it's Blogger origins. I have had the best and most interesting time finding out about blogging, entrepreneurship, going freelance, graphic designers, marketing, designing, coding and so much more from starting this blog. It has given me a really good insight into different lifestyles people can have if they run a blog or have their own business.

I feel like as I have developed my blog over the last three years, it has definitely become something that I am very proud of. I do still keep making improvements and refining everything because I love to see the way it is developing as I develop, grow up and get my own design style and brand (and obviously I am still making mistakes and improving on them as I go along).

I've been through so many names for the blog, brands, colours and logos. For now I think my brand has developed enough that I am happy with it and won't make too many changes in the near future. Despite that, I do love designing and developing my brand because as I am growing up and learning I am able to change the brand so it becomes even more representative of me and who I am.

Hope you all enjoyed this little story about my blog:

I hope this has been interesting for everyone to find out about my journey (even though it's been relatively short) and how far I've come with my blog.

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