31 May 2016

May 2016: Collabs, Podcasts + Pretty Patterned Trousers

SITTING my maths AS level exams (very scary).
SEEING a little bit more sun and nice weather.
WARM weather at last.
AND then some extra rain.
WEARING patterned trousers all the time.
HAVING my brother out of the house for a few days on a football trip.
SORTING out older blog posts and improving them (check out the improved style posts)
GOING to a gig at the smaller venue in the city.
READING Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.
REVISING lots and lots (this is an understatement).
COLLABORATING with TickPick for a festival post.
WATCHING more Glee and ER.
WORKING on my blog.
TAKING part in the Design to Grow link up about starting my blog.
WATCHING The Adjustment Bureau and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
LISTING to podcast - Ctl Alt Dlt, The Lively Show and more (post about those soon).
CELEBRATING a year with my boyfriend on the 12th.

How has May been treating you all this year?

For sixth form, we are allowed to wear our own clothes but we have to keep our outfits pretty smart and appropriate, which has meant that this year short shorts at school aren't an option. This meant that me and my mum had to go on a hunt for patterned trousers.

My patterned trousers

I ended up buying a gorgeous pair in H&M which are really smart but also really suit me. They are the pair in the top left hand corner of the graphic.

While I was looking on the internet for other places to buy them I came across some really lovely pairs and thought I'd share them to give you some inspiration for patterned trousers: to stay cool and smart in the summer.

My favourites

My favourite ones out of these four pairs are the pair in the bottom left from Urban Outfitters, which are made of gingham. They look like a really cool vintage style shape and are shorter so would be better for the summer. I love the gingham pattern and the colour of them too.

Why patterned trousers are a summer essential

Keep you cool
Because of their styles, they work really well in warm weather when you don't want to wear shorts, skirt or a dress. They keep you cool so you won't overheat or end up sweaty (which nobody wants).

Shorter length
This goes with why they are great for summer because as they are a shorter length, they are an alternative to rolling up your jeans which can still look good but becomes a hassle in the heat of summer.

They come in tight and baggy styles depending on what you want but I like some of the baggy pairs for summer and easily keeping cool (and avoiding getting sun burnt).

Colourful and/or patterned
I love the variety of patterns and colours that patterned trousers now come in, because they can suit every personal style.

Smart and casual
I chose to buy some for going to school in because I know they look pretty smart, but they work for just hanging out in too. Especially if you get a baggier pair, they can be great for lounging around and not doing much.

Different styles
Patterned trousers come in so many different shapes and styles so they can fit most people's personal styles really easily without standing out too much.

Where else would you recommend buying patterned trousers?