New Moon Moodboard + Logos (+ Some Points About Personal Projects)

The moodboard

I've started this project to start designing the branding for an imaginary design studio called New Moon. I've made the moodboard and the logos so far.

I thought I'd share them now as a taster of the overall brand. The main idea behind the design is to capture a minimal but quality and practical theme using muted colours and geometric shapes with some scribbled fonts as well to give it a slightly different look.

The Logos

I wanted to create a logo that was something minimal and simple, so I used black and white to keep it professional looking and sans serif fonts (or minimal serif fonts). I think my favourite one of all these logos in the one second from bottom because it is slightly quirky but still simple and professional.

Some points about personal projects

I really want feedback so that I can develop this piece of brand work for the imaginary New Moon design studio, so that I can put it in my portfolio as a good personal project.

Interestingly, I read an article on whether doing personal projects to build your portfolio is a good idea on Web Designer Depot. They elaborately explained both points of view, which I found really interesting.

Also, there is this really cool website called Brief Box, which simply includes loads of practice in-depth briefs for designers to use for free. I only discovered it recently but I wish I'd discovered it sooner, as I think it is such a good idea for budding designers to use (like myself).

Personally, I think that personal projects are a good idea, as long as you can carry out the process like you would if you were doing the project for a real paying client. This mean that you can see the whole process and what would need to happen for a real client.

They are a really good idea for if you haven't got many specific design qualifications or your porfolio is a little out of date or not very full, because they show what you can produce from your own imagination and will update your portfolio to showcase your best work.

What do you think of this moodboard?

Which one is your favourite design?

How do you feel about personal projects for your portfolio?