30 July 2016

Favourite Podcasts With a Wellness Focus

I only recently discovered podcasts through a post by Sophie from The Private Life of a Girl, who had written about some of her favourite podcasts that she listens to when she's working. I then decided that I should get myself a podcast app on my phone so that I could subscribe to and listen to some to try it out.

I loved it straight away and spent that whole weekend with headphones in and a podcast on. Some of my favourite ones revolved around wellness and looking after yourself so I thought I'd share what I'd discovered with you and recommend some of my favourites.

How to Like Yourself

 - Tribe with Annika EP

Great podcast for if you find yourself doubting what you can do and what you're capable of or if you feel you're at a particular low point in terms of self esteem. If you struggle to accept compliments or get annoyed at yourself over the littlest thing, then Annika will help you to find ways of dealing with these negative thoughts.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Talking Creativity + Finding Your Voice

 - Ctl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon

Elizabeth Gilbert is renowned for her work as an author and creative, so finding out about how she wrote her book and how to stay creative and get the courage to finish projects once we've started them and not just move on half way through.

#143 How to Change Negative Thought Patterns + Understand the Ego with Brooke Castillo

 - The Lively Show with Jess Lively

Useful for if you are doing something and it's never quite going how you want or you don't think you're capable of doing what you want to. Jess talks about how our negative thinking patterns can infuence us and how we can change them.

Tips for Improving Body Image

This is a lovely podcast as it is inspiring and enlightening and simply gives really easy, applicable tips on how you should go about viewing your body and making sure you look after yourself. One interesting tip I liked was about looking at yourself more in the mirror and just accepting what you see, because lots of the time we avoid looking if we don't have a good body image of ourselves.

#145 Minimalism, Design + Mental Health with Kate Arends (Wit & Delight)

 - The Lively Show with Jess Lively

Kate Arends was a really cool guest for The Lively Show; she had really interesting points about minimalism which interested me a lot because being minimal doesn't have to mean throwing everything away. Also I liked her view on mental health and how she has coped.

Interview with Kate Daleabout on Spirituality, Authenticity + Evolving Over Time

I didn't know much about spirituality and authenticity before listening to this but now I definitely do and have gained a real insight into how spirituality can help and why being authentic is so important but some people are going about it the wrong way.

How to Build Self Confidence

Anyone who wants a simple confidence boost or is lacking a little self confidence should give this a listen. It really helped me to see things in a different light and helped for me to view myself in a new way which has been really great.

What are your favourite podcasts on wellness?