10 July 2016

How I Found My Blog Focus

I've been thinking a lot recently about my blog focus and the reasons I blog, because to be honest, I haven't build up a community like I hoped I would be able to with this blog. If I am helping people out by writing all my posts and helping them with blogging or life or whatever, I don't see results of this because I lack a community.

Lots of the top bloggers always say that as long as you write good quality content and do everything they say, your audience will interact with you on social media or comment or email you because that's exactly what has happened to them.

But it hasn't happened to me.

Sorry to sound all negative and I sincerely apologise if whoever is reading this feels a little offended, if that is you comment below and tell me I'm completely wrong.

Therefore I've been thinking a lot about finding a focus and developing my brand and content so that my audience will interact and I can create the kind of community that I want to create with this blog.

Being a little lost and without a focus or purpose

I have been trying to work out the focus of my blog for the past three years and just had no real direction at all the entire time. I simply blogged about anything and everything that inspired me, which is still definitely the way to do it because then your enthusiasm rubs off on your readers, although it meant that I couldn't niche or define my content to become a go to expert in one area.

Having no proper direction meant that when it came to working out my ideal audience or how I would promote the blog or what I should even write on my about page became a real struggle for me. I had no idea what I wanted to offer my audience and no idea where I wanted to be headed personally.

Not knowing what I was doing felt okay and fun to start with and for lots of bloggers that is enough, but I want to go about this properly and do put a lot of effort into my blog so don't want it to all be for nothing. I knew I wanted to give my audience more and help them out in some way, but I just wasn't sure how and hadn't found my expertise yet.

Finding my focus at last

Recently I've been thinking a lot about where I want to go with my blog, the content I want to create and what my focus and purpose really is in my life as well as my blog. After receiving another wonderful Good Morning Beautiful email from Reese at Yes Supply, I suddenly realised what I wanted my readers to take from my blog and how I wanted to help them.

>> I want to help everyone to make the most of their lives using a positive outlook on the mundane and everyday things in life by appreciating everything a little more and trying to live to their potential. I want to help young and creative people, like me, learn how to survive growing up and to know more about the creative industries out there which are always an option. <<

I love writing my Life Lessons series and all my Blogging posts, because they help inspire people and improve their lives or their blog, which is what I want to be able to help people do. I also love sharing my knowledge on design and music which I feel would still fit in with this focus because I want to help inspire people and show people what's out there, so sharing a new font or new favourite band is still a part of that focus.

This means I know where my focus now lies and I can point everything I do in that direction: helping others make the most of their lives positively with inspiration and appreciation.

I will probably reduce the amount of other types of posts that I write like style and book posts as a result unless I know that it is something which will inspire my readers with positivity. I feel this won't be a loss because now I have found my focus and will be able to help readers better.

Moving forward, improving and developing:

I am really pleased that I now have a good clear focus for my blog and can now share exactly the content that I know my readers will benefit from. The idea that I will now be able to focus everything in the blog is reassuring and refreshing.

I should be adding and changing some different things on my blog in the next few weeks and months to help update everything to go towards my focus and purpose, so that my blog will be as beneficially to readers as it possibly can be.

Have you found you focus yet?

Did you struggle to find it?

If you felt rejected comment below to tell me I'm wrong and that I do have a following